ELV Solutions
Our areas of expertise include the following domains;
  • CCTV and Surveillance Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • IP cameras
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts
We have a wide range of experts well experienced and trained in following vendors ;

Our network audit provides a general evaluation of your network performance, based on the analysis of pre-defined key performance indicators. Our service provides you with valuable information regarding the current situation and identifies network performance points where future improvements can be achieved. These improvements can be based on the performance of the network or on the better utilisation of its resources.

Network Security Solutions & Security Management

Security threats are ever evolving. They continue to evolve in type, complexity, threat and number. In line with the spiraling levels of security threats, organisations are recognising that they need to evolve their protection policies, systems and methodologies.
A firewall, an intrusion detection system, a mail security gateway, and other security devices are a definite need for your protection, but are these enough?
Security devices are only as good as they are configured - to enforce an organisation's security policy. Do you have a security policy?
Are you continuously revising and evolving your policy?
Are your staff trained on responding to security threats?
Have your security policies and products been tested?

Our Security Solutions can help you find the answers to these questions and more. Our dedicated team of security consultants is backed up by a proven methodology, a strong products portfolio and an outstanding integration experience.
Our areas of expertise include the following domains;
Information Security Consultations (ISO 27001)
Network Assessments
Cisco Partnership Audit Preparations – Silver, Gold etc.
Organizational Quality Consultations (ISO 9001)

We have a wide range of experts well experienced and trained in following ;
ISO 27001- Lead Auditor
ISO 9001- Lead Auditor
CISA CSSA – Sonicwall
CCNP – Security

Our areas of expertise include the following domains;
  • In-Building Structured Cabling
  • Indoor & Outdoor Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Multi-pair Telephone Cabling
  • Technical Room Accessories and Setting up
  • Wireless LAN Installations
  • Active Equipment installations and IT Networks
We understand that cabling infrastructure in any building shall be one that can handle the future. We install, terminate, test and commission the copper and fiber cable infrastructure. This infrastructure can support high speed data, voice and video communication requirements for the coming years
Our experienced team can conceive and implement solutions for office developments, residential structures and other service oriented developments such as retail, leisure and transportation facilities.

We have a wide range of experts well experienced and trained in following vendors ;

We offer a full range of products ranging from PC’s, notebooks and workstations, server and storage infrastructure to security and connectivity. Our solutions include server consolidation and hardware acceleration, storage consolidation, business continuity and disaster recovery, SSL VPN, Wan acceleration and application.
Our specialists offer Infrastructure Services relating to Microsoft products. This includes standard office application management and support, performance monitoring of servers, technology upgrades, user access management, and email management support. Some of the products covered under our infrastructure services offering include Microsoft Windows 7 Pro, Office Applications and Outlook, Microsoft Windows 2008 server standard, Active Directory, SQL 2008 Server,

Getting the message across has become quite complex for businesses. State of the art Audio-Visual Systems are essential part of any modern office premises.
We understand the importance of having functional and impressive AV Systems in conference rooms, auditoriums and the value our customers derive out of them in terms of the of business image and brand.
Our engineering capability allows us combining best of the breed products and technologies in creating the ultimate customer experience for the guests of our customers.
  • Conference Room AV Systems
  • Video Conferencing
  • Auditorium Solutions
  • Rear Projection Solutions
  • Interpretation & Multimedia
  • Employee Addressing Systems
We have a strong track history in providing data networks for service providers. We have specialised expertise in switching and routing, local loop, security, convergence and mobile communications. We provide fully integrated data solutions, designed and implemented with technical excellence, and informed by a deep understanding of the pressing commercial pressures our customers face.
Convergence Networks
Converged Communications - the convergence of voice, video and data over Internet Protocol (IP) - provides new ways for companies to connect, communicate and collaborate. Converged networks are being implemented at an aggressive pace for businesses of all sizes in all economic sectors. Organisations across the board are recognizing the emerging applications, cost savings and productivity enhancements enabled by a single networking infrastructure and are poised to realize these benefits. We deploy, manages and optimises technology to help clients gain more from their investments in communications infrastructure.
Complete LAN, WAN & Wireless Infrastructure
We can design, deploy and upgrade networks of any bandwidth that meets your needs today, tomorrow and in the future. Good network design must recognise the requirements for business and technical goals, including availability, resilience, scalability, affordability, security, and manageability. Whether you are looking to build a LAN/WAN, re-design your current LAN/WAN, or are considering ways to optimise your current LAN/WAN infrastructure, we can help.
We enable businesses to be successful by designing and implementing Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN and WAN) that maximise the potential of voice and data technologies to facilitate the exchange of information. From wiring to LAN switching, through internet connectivity to the most complex protocol configurations and large-scale enterprise networks, We have the experience necessary to design the voice and data network solution your business requires.
Our experienced engineers can help integrate and support security-rich data, voice, and video networks, enable intelligent network infrastructures, and leverage new technologies like virtual private networking (VPN), optical, voice- and video-over-IP, content delivery networks, and mobile and wireless.
AMC & Support
Our advisory program helps clients with analysis of key IT problems, understanding your 'wish list' and advising on available solutions for your IT infrastructure. Our approach focuses on demonstrating business value from IT. This is achieved by helping you accelerate performance, enhance efficiencies and streamline business processes.
We have the flexibility and focus to bring enhancements to your business regardless of your maturity, size or technology legacy. We offer, support agreements that are available in Standard or Premier SLA options and after Sales Support.
Our areas of expertise include the following domains;
  • Routing & Switching Installations and troubleshooting
  • Wireless Installations and troubleshooting
  • Unified Communications Installations and troubleshooting
  • Network Security Installations and troubleshooting

IP & Analogue PABX
Annual Maintenance Contracts
We have a wide range of experts well experienced and trained in following vendors ;
Alliance Solutions
Compact Solutions
Winner Soft
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